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Savor The Moment (Bride’s Quartet #3) by Nora Roberts

21 Jul

Rating:  2 out of 5 stars

I was so excited to read this book!  I love the whole premise of this series – 4 women who have been friends since they were kids all live in a mansion and run a wedding service on the grounds.  Each book in the series focuses on a different member of the ‘quartet’ and their story, ending with them finding their true love.   Mixed in are situations involving the weddings they host, girl heart-to-hearts, and very descriptive romance!  If you are able to suspend disbelief, this series is perfectly light and whimsical.  One comment about Nora Robert’s writing style – her dialogue does not always clarify who is saying what, which drives me slightly batty.  But with a plot like this, does it really matter?

So that’s how I feel about the series at least after reading the first 2 books in that series (Vision in White and Bed of Roses).  NOT this one.  This one is about the cake baker in the group – Laura – and I do not understand her at all! She apparently came from meager beginnings and is being pursued by one of the wealthiest men in town.  This man happens to be the big brother of one of her quartet members.  The typical ‘do you think I’m good enough for you even though I’m poor’ is there, naturally, as is that weird ‘I act bitchy because I’m too proud to just ask you about the rich/poor issue ‘ that always seems to come with the poor member of this plot line.  Which is fine if she came off as proud.  She comes off as a nut case!  No one can say anything to her without her biting their heads off.  When she has discussions she uses these metaphors that I need a decoder ring to understand.  And she has this inner dialogue that sounds completely schitzophrenic!  No, Yes, No, AHHH!! I think Roberts was trying to make her a tough, independent, rebel who has trouble relying on people, but she just didn’t pull it off.

Here’s a weird thing too:  Because this couple has known each other for so long, they decide to date but go 30 days without being intimate to prove that it’s not a fling.  I’m pretty sure that doesn’t prove anything.  Wouldn’t it have made more sense to be intimate on day 1 but promise to go out for 29 more days?  Wouldn’t THAT prove it wasn’t a fling?  Isn’t it after the deed that matters?  Maybe I’m just out of touch.  But that’s not the weird part.  The rest of the gang (the other 3 girls and the 2 guys that became permanent during books 1 and 2) place bets on whether or not they can last the 30 days.  They discuss it ad nauseum.  Incestuous!

There was a little payoff for me towards the end when they go on vacation.  It was a refreshing change of scenery that I welcomed.  Unfortunately, our ragging cake baker Laura had to go on the vacation too and open her big mouth which meant, once again, crazy lady ruined the party for me.

I wonder if I would have skipped this book if someone told me it would be like this.  Probably not because then my reading of the series would not be ‘complete’, which I like all things to be. 😉

I recommend this book only if you have read the preceding Bride Quartet books.  I will most likely recommend this series, but I’m waiting to read the last one before I do just to make sure the series is more good than bad.