Speed Reviews – Divergent, Insurgent, Gone Girl, The Snowman, Before I Go To Sleep, Broken Harbor

20 Aug

I’ve read some AWESOME books over the past 2 months.  Unfortunately, I have fallen seriously behind in my book reviews and I need to stop the bleeding.  So, in 50 words or less, here’s my take on the last several books I’ve read: 

Divergent (Divergent Series #1)

Divergent (Divergent Series #1) by Veronica Roth – 3/5 stars

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian

Similar to the Hunger Games in general plot outline (teen girl in post-apocalyptic United States) and intended audience (young adult) but is a bit more grown up and complicated than the Hunger Games.  Main love interest, named Four,  is also not wussy like Peeta in Hunger Games.  And no bs- the author is 23.  TWENTY-THREE. 

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)  by Veronica Roth – 2.5/5 stars

Genre:  Young Adult Dystopian

Obviously, this is the follow-up book to Divergent.  While there were some things I liked about the plot progression, I did NOT like this book as well.  I had trouble keeping the characters straight.  It is set up nicely for the 3rd book, due out Fall 203.  Movie rights have been sold!

Gone Girl

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – 3.5/5 stars

Genre:  Mystery/Thriller

Here’s another really good book!  While I had some minor issues with the plot and character development, I loved it because I did not see the ending coming AT ALL.  It took me completely by surprise.  Which is hard to do, and I liked the book simply for that reason.  This book is all the rage right now – NYT bestseller for at least 10 weeks, and the movie rights have also been sold to 20th century Fox and Reese Witherspoon’s production company is producing it (and Reese will star in it).   

The Snowman

The Snowman by Jo  Nesbø- 4/5 stars

Genre:  Mystery

This writer is Norwegian and his novels take place in Oslo.  The Snowman is a “Harry Hole Mystery” featuring Detective Harry Hole.  It was exceptionally written, although pretty graphic which I believe all of his novels are.  It kept me guessing though! 

Before I Go to Sleep

Before I go to Sleep by S.J. Watson – 4/5 stars

Genre: Thriller

 A woman has amnesia and forgets everything about herself after going to sleep.  This might sound weird – I was skeptical but it turned out to be totally believable.  It is fast paced and just wow.  I don’t want to tell you too much more.   It’s so good! 

Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad Series #4)Broken Harbor (Dublin Mystery Series #4) by Tana French  – 3.5/5 stars

Genre: Mystery

I was a bit disappointed with this one, although  it was still good.  I got a little bored at times.  I didn’t like this detective as much as the ones in her other books, but the story was strong.  I love Irish feel to French’s books.

One Response to “Speed Reviews – Divergent, Insurgent, Gone Girl, The Snowman, Before I Go To Sleep, Broken Harbor”

  1. Coffee & a BookChick (@CoffeeBookChick) August 28, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    I need to stop messing around and pick up a Jo Nesbo novel. And not to mention, I really need to read Tana French, too. Sheesh, I am really behind with all the good stuff!

    I read Divergent and it was nice to see a guy not be such a wuss like Peeta was in The Hunger Games! Completely agree with you.

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