The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie is Intoxicating!

6 Jan

It. Was. So. Good.

I have read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larson.  At this point many people have.  I’ve also seen the Swedish adaptation of the movie which was made in 2010. 

The U.S. version of the movie came out about a month ago and stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.  Here is a link to the trailer.  I saw it just after Christmas.  A part of me was questioning how well this U.S. movie would end up.  There’s already a book and another movie.  It seems as if it would be difficult to be original with all of that precedence.   Additionally, there was a part of me who wanted to like the foreign version more than the American. Perhaps that sounds unpatriotic but it’s not meant to be.  I simply like the cinematography style and artsiness of the Swedish version and I sort of wanted that to be the more potent of the two movies.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The U.S. version of this movie is extremely powerful and potent.  All aspects of it appealed to my senses and left me, well, sort of cinematically buzzed!

The cast was well-chosen, and seemed very authentic!  This is in spite of the accents being fabricated in some cases and simply not from the right country in most cases.  But it worked somehow! My favorite casting selection, Christopher Plummer as Henrik Vangar, who I thought played this role flawlessly.  Daniel Craig as Mikael (he’s really cute, by the way), Robin Wright as his boss/partner/lover/friend and Rooney Mara was a great Lisbeth Salander. Beautiful and cool beautiful for the movie except for the bleached eyebrows – WHY?!

For you football fans:  Rooney Mara, who played Lisbeth Salander, is the great-granddaughter of N.Y. Giants founder, Tim Mara and Pittsburgh Steelers founder, Art Rooney, Sr.  Her full name is Patricia Rooney Mara. 

The movie is a bit long but the pacing is great.  The scenery is vivid and  rich.  And the music (Trent Reznor) is almost another character itself although I have to say the Nine Inch Nail ‘sound’ got a little redundant after a bit.  The movie opens with an intro which was very artsy and unique – you don’t see intros very often with movies anymore and that was nice bonus.

They did take some liberties with the plot that surprised me; both things were left out and put in that I wasn’t expecting.  But overall I’m not going to criticize there – the book is stuffed with details that required some editing to bring to screen. 

This is a good movie to watch in the theater but would also be a great movie to watch with wine, a blanket, and someone who looks like Daniel Craig.  Just kidding!


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