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Buyer Beware!

22 Jul

I just read that Borders will start its liquidation sale next Friday.  At first I got a double-dose of that special tingle inside – the kind reserved only for news about books or a chance to save money.  

But then I read some reminder advice that took the wind out of my sails (sales?).  Liquidation means the company wants their money back for those books.  They do this by putting up big yellow signs offering savings, which fools people into thinking they’re getting super great deal – but the savings isn’t that great.  The discounts really will only be on the garbage that is left.   I know this is a big “Well, duh!”  but for someone like me who loves a good deal, even I need a reminder once in a while about the business side of a big yellow sign telling me I might save money.

Don’t fall for it!