Book Review: The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo

26 May

The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo: Book CoverReview 4 out of 5 stars

This is a kid’s fairy tale that centers on persistence and hope.  It reminded me that wishing is still okay to do sometimes! 

I envision this book being made into a  movie, kind of like The Tale of Despereaux.  This is partly because I knew this author, Kate DiCamillo, also wrote Despereaux and partly because it just screams to be made into one of those artsy Sundance movies.  Imagery plays a large role in this book too, although here the scene is a made-up town called Baltese that seems to be kind of like Russia to me.  There are a lot of contrasts between coldness and warmth, light and dark.    

The book is simple yet complex, making it a perfect ‘inspiration book’ for all ages.  There are a lot of angles and nuances to impress the reader personally.  For me, as I mentioned, it reminded me that wishing for something isn’t always ‘impractical’ or ‘useless’.  Hope is a positive emotion that gives people the strength and support to survive or least be a little happier.

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