Movie Review: Water For Elephants

26 Apr

Water for Elephants

Some of my book club gals and I decided that for some ‘extra credit’ we would go to the movie premiere of Water For Elephants, starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson.  This movie is based on a book of the same name by Sara Gruen.  I ready Water For Elephants several years ago, and really, REALLY enjoyed it.  I was looking forward to seeing it portrayed on the big screen.

We were able to get into the movie’s ‘premiere’ in our area, which included drinks and appetizers before the movie.  While neither the drinks nor the food were that special, we felt fancy and special! 

I’ll admit I had my doubts about how well this movie was going to be pulled off for several reasons:  1) Movies are never as good as the books they are based on, 2) Robert Pattinson is a terrible actor (although nice to look at – wowza), and 3) the previews looked dumb. 

Well, I am sorry to say – my doubts were confirmed.  While the story’s plot was portrayed well, the depth of the relationships and the characters themselves fell seriously short.  It was like looking at a crappy cell phone photo of the Mona Lisa.   And I applaud Robert Pattinson’s attempts to break out of the Twilight image, he really needs more than one facial expression.  Lastly, poor Reese – she worked so hard in this movie – basically sitting with an elephant or horse and dressed in a leotard in every scene. 

I overheard several women proclaim their love for this movie as we were leaving the movie theater, and I am positive that they hadn’t read the book.  Such is a society that likes movies better than books – people think that’s as good as storytelling gets.  <sigh>


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