13 Jan is a very popular site for book reviews and reading recommendations.  You sign up and get a profile and can share your reading experiences with others.  It’s also where I track my reading challenges each year and my master reading lists.

There are millions of people who write reviews on books, and you can look at average ratings – the recommendations I’ve gotten from Goodreads have been very close to what the site told me to expect.  What I also use a lot are the lists – people create a list but allow the site members to contribute to it.  Lists are usually things like: “Best Beach Reads”, “Best Books of 2010”, “Best Science-Fiction Books”, etc.   I’ve always thought that these were so great because so many people’s opinions are represented on them that they are probably pretty good to use.  Until today. 

I came across something HORRIFIC last night.  Simply put:  A list titled “Best Books Ever”, that had the first 4 books as (I can barely type the words)…THE BOOKS OF THE TWILIGHT SAGA.  Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Eclipse, New Moon all by Stephanie Meyers. 

I get that a bunch of people like these books.  I did not and I curse the day I heard about them, but I know many, MANY people do not share that sentiment.  And I appreciate that people have a difference of opinion.  But this wasn’t called “Best books in 2008” or “Best Young Adult Books this Decade” or even “Most Popular Books Today”…the title of the list was “Best Books EVER.”  EEEEVVVEEEERRR.

Somehow the Goodreads community allowed these books to float to the top of this list, higher than every single other book that has ever been written in the history of time!  These are the people I rely on to drive my book selections?!!  Am I nuts? 

Don’t answer that. 

I’m reading the comments under the list from other members and many of whom are as appalled as I am.  That helps a bit.  For a minute I thought the whole world had gone crazy!  Those books being at the top is insanity.

None of this is really the point.  Well, it was, but now I have another one.  The real point now- what would I vote for to be on the top of the list instead? I’m making an assumption that Best Book Ever = Best Book I Have Ever Read.  But is that same as My Favorite Book?   Can we even really make a list like this?  What would you put?


One Response to “Insanity”

  1. Teresa January 14, 2011 at 6:08 pm #

    Excellent question!

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