Still Struggling!

29 Dec

I was a Computer Science major for crying out loud.  How could this be so difficult?  Last night I attempted to use my public library to check out an ebook, which was surprisingly easy:  I picked the book, added it to my digital cart and checked out.  I am able to download the book 3 times and it will expire in 21 days.  So far so good.

My challenges started when I clicked the download button.  I apparently over simplified the process and thought that what I would get when I clicked that button was a file in the .epub extension.  No.  What you get is a file in a .asmc format.  What is that you ask?  Good question. 

I figured out by reading the tiny print on my library’s website that I need some Adobe program to read that file.  Okay…off to Adobe’s website I went to download and install Adobe’s Digital Editions.  Once that was installed and I went back to the library site and clicked download there, the file opened up in the Adobe program.  Unfortunately, for about 30 minutes I was getting a ‘task is not completed’ error.  Finally it just went away.  I know that’s not very clean or technical but work with me here.  Okay, so now the book was showing up in that Adobe program and it asked me to register my computer.  What? Apparently my computer has to be registered with Adobe.  Okay, fine.  Did that, and then I finally (almost accidentally) I dragged the book showing up onto the nook icon and that is what put the book on my nook.  Hooray!  For a second anyways. 

I went to my nook and looked at the book and got a “User Not Activated” message when I tried to open the book.  C’mon PEOPLE! 

I looked for help on the nook blogs, and other people are saying that Adobe program also needs me to register my nook (like I did for my computer).  But I cannot find a ‘register my nook’ option like the blogs said I should have. 

I work in an IT department.  I’ve been working with software and computers for 10 years.  I am computer savvy.  This nook is making me feel like a technology moron.  What a great gift! (Sarcasm)

I’ll have to find some time today to get back to the troubleshooting and see if I can figure this out.

3 Responses to “Still Struggling!”

  1. Karen January 3, 2011 at 11:29 am #

    Thank you so, so much for this! I was able to do pretty much what you suggested, but I did it more by brute force – I manually deleted the registration of my nook with my ADE software (the xml and folder on the nook itself) and had ADE ‘re-recognize’ it. I’m sort of surprised it worked actually!

    • SZ January 4, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

      So glad!

  2. SZ January 3, 2011 at 11:23 am #

    Sorry to hear you’re still having troubles getting ebooks on your Nook. I too have gone through this process with my Nook, and my husband’s Nook, so that we could check-out e-books from our library. It’s not the most intuitive process but if done slowly and methodically, there should be no hiccups. Here’s what I would suggest doing:
    – Unplug your nook
    – Restart your computer
    – Open Adobe Digital Editions
    – Plug in your Nook & wait for Adobe to recognize it
    – Adobe automatically prompts you to register (if you haven’t already done so)

    If it does not prompt you, I would right-click on the Nook icon to look for an option to register (I can’t confirm this as I’m not on my home computer).

    If that fails, I would uninstall the software and reinstall it and start from scratch. Be sure to go through all the registration processes before trying to copy an eBook to your Nook.

    If you still have troubles, I would contact Adobe customer support or look at their website for support as this sounds like more of a software related issue than a Nook related issue.

    Good luck!

    My background: Network Administrator & IT Specialist for 7 years

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